Vegas Baby!

Off to vegas for the weekend. The wife and I are taking a short vacation before the holidays.. Will be playing some bigtime No Limit Hold’em while I am there, and catching a cirque du soliel show. hasta

Ponder this..

There was an old partnership for a drug free america commercial that had an at risk youth say “I am more powerful than pain”. Now tell me that aint a motivating statement. That has stuck with me for many years since. With slight modifcation it has become my battle cry, “I am more powerful than …

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coming soon

A new blog from the mind of joshua strebel, yea my real name is ST (saint) REBEL. It sounds like ‘straw’ – ‘bell’. This blog will contain frivolious information concerning my opinions, ideas, thoughts, and actual useful stuff like documenting my journey to wealthy entrepreneur, and web design geek speak. Sit back, relax.. and chill- …

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