Put aside the BS war on christmas, and get back to the basics. I am right, you are right, the guy down the street is right, and heaven forbid the radical freak ready to blow himself up on a train is right. Everyone is right. Tolerance kids. To each his own.

Nothin chaps my ass more than people that say/feel “I am right, so you are wrong”. Do they really think out of 6 billion people, that just them, or their small group of likeminded people are the ONLY ones that have figured it out?

Anyways, that was rant.. what this post was really about was ‘giving’. A good friend of mine, emailed me and some other friends with an opportunity to serve hot meals, and wrap presents for ‘those less fortunate’ on christmas eve. How pimp is that. One grows and stretches by serving others. A life of service is a life of fulfillment. Ask anyone what they would do with $1 million dollars, and somwhere near the top of the list, is “I would buy this for this person, or give this money there”, it is human nature to give and serve.

So get off yer arse, and serve someone. Karma will take care of you. What you put out in the universe is what you get more of.

I’ll be in Tucson spending time with my in-laws. I wish everyone a happy ‘whatever’.

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