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Co-Founder/CEO at Pagely
All opinions reflect those of my employer.


Professional life

Joshua is Co-Founder and CEO of Pagely, Inc – The first-to-market and innovator of Managed WordPress Hosting.

10+ years ago we had a simple idea to improve the experience for hosting WordPress sites – Now Managed WordPress hosting is a $4+ Billion dollar channel and Pagely is recognized as a clear leader in the space.

Happy to share the tough lessons learned along the way.



We provide durable Managed WordPress Hosting for mission critical sites. Featuring tierless support, managed DevOps, and a very flexible tech stack.

“We help big brands scale WordPress”



Founded 2003 (Web Design agency)
Pagely launched in 2009
Global Team + Global Scale
Serving Fortune 1000, Media, and Public Sector


Personal life

Husband, Father, Introvert

I graduated college on Friday and married Sally that Saturday. 17+ yrs later we have built together a life, a business, and a family.

The majority of my hobbies have little to do with the web: Cars, mountain biking, snowboarding, and travel.

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