I hired a personal real estate investment coach a while back. The training conisits of 10 weeks of personal coaching with Andy Fuehl, Author of “Wealth Without a Job: The entrpreneur’s guide to Freedom and Security beyond the 9 to 5 lifestyle” Tell me that aint a title to get you reading.

Andy has also written a book with Real estate investment mogul Dolf DeRoos, which is currently ‘at the printers’.

Week 3 of the traning covered more of the mindset issues of week 1, and week 2; Getting right with money, thinking outside the box, and understanding the level of service that real estate investing deals with. Week 3 also went more into the nuts and bolts of real estate investing; taking the pulse of the market, understanding rental rates, identifying target markets, etc.

My mouth is watering for more. I cant get enough of this stuff, When we sold our first investment property it was such a killer feeling taking that check to the bank. I have spent the last few weeks goal setting and getting all my ducks in a row for 2006. 06 will be thebreak out year for obu Web, as well as my personal real estate portfolio.

I am learning that planning and goal setting is crucial. For much of my life I have ‘gotten by’. It is time to take control and manifest the outcome that I desire.

Happy holidays!

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