My wife and I had dinner with some friends last night, whom are married. We talked a little bit about him starting his own business, and the challenges that he has faced. One of his comments was that he did not feel he was being supported in his choice to become an entrepreneur. His wife, and his wife’s family, were more of the “get a job like everyone else” mentality.

His motivation to strike out on his own and try something new, was stifled by the perceieved disapproval of his choice. He caved, got a ‘real’ job, and shelved all his entrepreneur books. Talk about taking the wind out of someone’s sails. No jobs arent bad, cause reality is you need to pay your bills. But you can leverage the income of a job to start your business in your part-time.

I bring this up as a note to all aspiring entrepreneur’s, your significant other has to be on board. In a world of dream stealers and naysayers, you have to have a support system, to encourage you and keep you going. People around you, by no fault of thier own, will attempt to hold you back. Older generations have a job mentality, which usually passes on to the children. Society says to get a job.

This is a falacy cultivated by society to keep the machine the going. By getting out there on your own, you will face many challenges, some you would not think of: your friends and family holding you back. It is not that they dont want you to succeed, it is merely because they wish to maintain the status quo. If you move forward, they stay put and feel irrelevent, and will try to keep you back.

Somthin to think on eh? Make sure your significant other is on board with your plan, know your outcome and work together for it. In the worst case you may find that your partner is unwilling to support you, it sounds harsh, but it may be time to move on from the relationship.

I am thankful that my wife, my rock, has been by my side supporting me. She stuck through the lean times, and now she doesn’t work, has her own business, and we are partners in this journey to financial freedom.

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