Vote 2012

The New York Times pretty much sums up why I am voting for Obama (again). Every paper, study, and high IQ economist that has ever looked at this arrives at the same conclusion. Tax cuts for rich people, don’t trickle down. The results of the analysis suggest that changes over the past 65 years in the top …

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Audi Love

Friend: I roll up..crazy lady at bank says… “I would have bought a Mercedes for the sports car” Me: old lady burn Friend: I say… “then you haven’t driven an Audi” and walk by her [mic drop] Me: well played sir You don’t know unless you are in the know.  

Talk on bootstrapping from AZEC11

This is a talk I did in Nov of 2011 on building a business organically. About 250 people in the audience. Was a good time. I gave the same talk to a different audience at WordCampPHX 2012 a few months after this. [vimeo width=”650″ height=”447″][/vimeo]

Hosting Douchebags

Kick a guy when he is down? You might as well kick your own customers in the junk while you are at it. Godaddy has had its fair share of problems, everyone has. Today they had a big one. GoDaddy Outage Takes Down Millions Of Sites by @klintron — TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) September 10, 2012 …

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First mover or Fast follower; never having to say “me too”

We sort of pride ourselves at Pagely for being the “first” in just about everything we have done. The merits of the first mover advantage have been hotly debated if not outright dismissed. However Brad Feld says be a niche first mover. Several people challenged this idea in the comments and there are many investors …

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Puffy customers

Hey ego man with 10 followers, shut the fuck up. This guy too. What is it with people now-a-days and their “Do you know who I am and I’ll talk bad on twitter about you” bullshit. I had a customer, mind you a $20/mo customer, pull this card today. Please terminate service and reverse the …

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