This is a talk I did in Nov of 2011 on building a business organically. About 250 people in the audience. Was a good time. I gave the same talk to a different audience at WordCampPHX 2012 a few months after this.

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2 thoughts on “Talk on bootstrapping from AZEC11”

  1. 1st off congratulations man that’s fantastic you’re having a child.
    Great speech Josh I always loved public speaking for some reason it gets me amped. I agree with you. when people think that a company has to be exciting or not boring as you say in order to be a great company they are absolutely insane. Most companies that are extremely successful are boring case in point the 1st Corporation I ever started manufactured cardboard tubes similar to what you find inside toilet tissue they are larger paper towel roll cores.
    was a boring absolutely was it profitable yes extremely and still to this day. I’ve never met anyone who said when I grow up “I want to make spirally wound cardboard cores” but I did it and the company is still in business. 3 businesses later all of them I’m proud to say still in existence and profitable. I am now getting involved in venture capital I find it to be very exciting and something new. Like you said you’re not good at finishing things nobody likes to finish something that sounded exciting new and now is “boring” so you fill the rest of your life with what is good and exciting and I am lucky that I can say this and please don’t think I’m bosting I am simply trying to relate to your video and your pathway to becoming a entrepreneur we took different routes however seeing managed WordPress hosting 1st is really a great idea but I’m sure you know nothing was for sure when you started luckily WordPress did not turn out to be the next movable type however no risk no reward. I have been there when I could not believe I had actually put so much of my savings into a company that help me a lot I learned do not ever be pessimistic even if it’s around only yourself there’s no way that can help you. Be honest work with integrity and work as smart and it’s hard as you can on what matters to you. I have had business dealings where people have not done the right thing and it would’ve been easy to do that myself however I have been lucky and cautious enough not to do something that will be a black-eyed on my career.
    I am very impressed at what you’ve done I like the new look of today’s entrepreneur.

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