Be dangerous

This came thru the GangPlank backchannel today.   We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to remind you that it’s okay to “Be Dangerous’. The warning signs of defending the status quo When confronted with a new idea, do you: Consider the cost of switching before you consider the benefits? Highlight the pain to a few …

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People like to get excited about things. Sometimes I feel people have way too much time on their hands. Chill the fuck out.. relax.  It will all be okay. Little kings I call them.  Everyone wants to be important. They like to argue about some minor point and will invest hours of time and energy …

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Product/Market fit

“But it takes time to reach product/market fit. Founders have to choose a market long before they have any idea whether they will reach product/market fit. In my opinion, the best predictor of whether a startup will achieve product/market fit is whether there is what David Lee calls “founder/market fit”. Founder/market fit means the founders have a …

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it’s typical uninspired bubble bullshit from the SF echo chamber.. the good news is mindless valley leadership icons like Dave McClure, Loic and Scoble will masturbate to it being the next flipbook and they will raise a Series A.  Tell them party like a rockstar and live it up, spend every dime because the rides …

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Let them eat brownies

Dear Governor Brewer, Just let it go. Have you not already done enough, shining the national spotlight on Arizona for all the wrong reasons? – SB1070 – Your debate speech (or lack there of) – Slashing the education budget – The Birther Bill Please.. for all that is right in the world… Legalize it (the voters already …

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