It is pretty telling what sort of business most PE and VC’s are in when they send out blanket lead gen emails. It’s a business for them and startup founders are the customer. Shared this with some friends privately and of course a few got the same blanket email.

Hi Joshua,
I believe you’ve connected with my colleague [redacted] in the past, but I wanted to reach out to introduce myself. As a refresher, I’m part of [redacted], a $30 billion private equity firm based in [redacted], which makes minority, non-controlling investments in a broad range of tech and tech-enabled service industries.
I’d love to reconnect with you and learn more about Pagely and how the business is performing, as well as provide you with an update of what we’ve been working on at [redacted]. Are you available next week for a quick intro chat?

Speak to you soon.
Senior Associate at [redacted] firm

> “Have you seen our investors page?”

I did not notice one on your website – did I miss it? I also checked Crunchbase before reaching out, which is typically very reliable for funding information, and I did not notice any prior funding.

> “ :)”

Got it – if you don’t mind me asking, what are your reservations with partnering with an investment firm?

> “Just not my cup of tea. Also

Also, good friend of mine runs a PE firm, so I have a close contact should I need it.

Please do a little more research next time.
Happy Holidays. ”


Appreciate your candor and you’re right, I should have been more thorough in my due diligence before reaching out.

Candidly speaking, I understand your concern with the private equity model. At [redacted], we truly believe that we have a differentiated approach relative to most investment firms. We’ve played an integral role in helping our partners by assisting with the build out of their management, sales, and dev teams, making customer introductions, and serving as an outsourced M&A group (amongst other things). Capital is only a part of what we bring to the table, and I think that’s a fairly consistent message that you would receive from CEOs that we’ve partnered with in the past.

Thanks again for the conversation and best of luck closing out this year.

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