Willy Shakes is Dead, Long live Willy Shakes.

Two years ago (thereabouts) I created a bot on twitter. @IAM_SHAKESPEARE has tweeted nearly 91,000 lines of the Bard’s work and is about 80% thru the 112,000 lines. (read the orignal post)

At first I thought it would just be a fun gag and no one would care. Some 16,000 followers later, and thousands of hilarious RT’s, scrolling through the mentions and RT’s every few days is a sure laugh.

It’s pure comedy to see people add their own one liners and take Willy out of context.
A few recent choice examples:

Clearly Willy’s words are universal.

So Willy will be done by the end the summer, and I asked his followers if he should start over.. Survey says yes. So look forward to Willy starting fresh with the Sonnets and Macbeth (I think was one of his first plays) this Fall.

At first it was a gag, then it got interesting as people took notice.. now I almost see it as a civic duty to add a little culture to the often times inane and shallow conversation on twitter.

Please continue to enjoy. Willy is here for the duration.

What does it take to get a verified account on twitter now-a-days? You should all harass twitter inc. and tell them to make @IAM_SHAKESPEARE a verified account. hehe. Enjoy – @strebel.

Customer Types : Cost of Support

Certain customer types cost way more to support than others.

Let me tell you a story perhaps you have heard before.

Customer A is a big shot tech company everyone has heard of. They need our WordPress hosting as they are tired of running that lone LAMP stack on one of their 150 AWS instances for their Ruby SaaS app. They spend 10’s of thousands of month on infrastructure and the few hundred dollars paid to us to look after their lone PHP app is part of doing business.

Customer B is small marketing consultant. No less awesome then Customer A as they too trust us to look after their WordPress site for but for only $20/mo. They are in business to make money as well and rely on their website for lead gen and marketing.

Customer A and Customer B enjoy the same amount of uptime and support response times, and besides the amount of resources they use, a few plan enhancements, and price they could very well be the same person.

When an issue occurs, say an unplanned reset of on our nodes that results in a few minutes of downtime the difference in the two customer types becomes obvious.

Downtime SUCKS ASS. Any issue that is out of norm SUCKS ASS. We know it sucks, they know it sucks.. there is no hiding the fact it sucks. Regardless of which customer type, we treat them the same when it comes to remedying issues.

Half the time customer A does not even notice a blip, and when they do they generate a support ticket in the tone of “FYI our site is down”. Customer B on the other hand always notices every hiccup, and generates multiple support tickets in the tone of “OMG the sky is falling, WTF my business is ruined!!! You guys suck so bad!”

Now the $25,000 question.
What’s the difference between Customer A and B? I have my guesses, but you tell me your thoughts.

SF or bust

Maybe you heard (read) me say on twitter that we rented a house in San Francisco this summer. Well it’s true, we did.

Sally and I (Page.ly) along with a good friend of ours Chase (Authoritylabs.com) have rented a sweet 4bd/2ba house in the Delores Heights neighborhood for about 4 weeks this summer (late june -late july).  Why?

  1. Have you ever spent a summer in Phoenix?  I have spent 7 of them and I am over it. I said last summer it would be the last full summer I spend in Phoenix. Heres to setting a goal and achieving it.
  2. Our office in SF has gone woefully under-used.  We are going to solve that a couple ways: (a) we are hiring (b) we’ll be there.
  3. I am kind of tired of flying out there to meet with these silicon valley investors shoving money in our face. I figure if I am going to keep saying no, I’ll at least do it without wasting the $ on airfare.
  4. The Scene.  We know some people out there and want to get to know them better. What better way to get to know everyone than invite them over and cook for them.  Sounds really old fashion I know… but yes. Sally and I enjoy cooking/entertaining and enjoy getting to know people on a personal level outside the trappings of sxsw or a brief weekend conference.
  6. Must.. See uncle jesse’s…full house.

June 24th….. SF or bust.



Howard Bloom

I’ve been searching Gods all my life, now I know them. There is a meaning to life. There are things worth believing in. There are things worth being passionate about.

All of this plays a part in trying to give a positive sense of something to believe in. A positive crusade of thought, of meditation, of emotion – that you can use to advance humanity tremendously – and that excises deliberately the God of War.

When you find the Gods inside yourself, you’ll find the God of war and he will be one of the most powerful passions in you. You have to freeze him in his own private hell and make your positive Gods the Gods that take you over.

And by the Gods that take you over, I mean you have to find those passions that are so much more powerful in you than anything you’ve been allowed to express in your life – and making those things the things that you work on – not putting off until you’re 40 or 50. The things you feel passionate about at the age of 15 and 16, and going directly to those things and trying to implement them when you’re 20.

Pass go, forget the 200 dollars, go directly to Park Place and put your life there, on the line, with all the emotion, power and passion and insight in you.

And fuck the God of war.


How to plan a great conference: mimic #snowcial

I have been to my share of conferences. And the #snowcial event I just returned from was the highlight of them all. The concerts, the snowboarding, the people, the good times, the content.. all top notch. But the planning and execution also got my attention.

  • When we arrived at the hotel, conference check in took all of 30 seconds after good conversation and introductions with the folks working the table.
  • We were given a schedule of events for the 3 days and headed up to our rooms to drop off our bags and awaiting Jeremy (a speaker) was a hand written thank you note next to a bottle of wine and a plate of cheese and grapes.
  • Before we went to dinner (that was catered) I went back up to my room and awaiting me (a hour or so after checkin) was a Heavenly branded scchwag bag with my name on it that included my ski pass, my conference pass, concert tickets and wristbands for the dance club, and a nice quality fleece jacket and tons of other good stuff.
  • Dinner had blackjack and poker tables with free stuff given away for blackjack and just because.
  • Navigating from one casino to the next for concerts was easy even in an very intoxicated state thanks to personnel in bright green jackets guiding the way.
  • Skiing/Snowboarding was guided by Heavenly staff.. no waiting in line, and groups were formed based on skill level so no waiting for rookies.
  • Lunch and dinner was provided every day.
  • At every turn the event was executed on time and in style…
@Strebel and @Penguin

This level of personal attention may be hard to keep up as this event blows up, which it will surely do. But in the meantime.. If you are are putting together any type of event anytime soon, remember the little things and personal details. The superb organization of the event made for a perfect weekend where I could shift my brain into pure fun mode and not have to worry about getting places, feeding myself, or standing in line for anything. Huge props to the organizing staff.

Some links to other write-ups and pics of #snowcial

America: you are smarter than this

The american people get played like a fiddle, fear is the musician.

History has shown that people threatened by losses of jobs, wages, homes, and savings are easy prey for demagogues who turn those fears into anger directed at major institutions of a society, as well as individuals and minorities who become easy scapegoats – immigrants, foreign traders, particular religious groups.

From an article on small business and the tea party.