Refresh Phoenix for Jan.

The 3rd meeting of Refresh phoenix was held last Tuesday.

Smaller crowd this time, less formal atomsphere as people essentially just networked. Aaron made a cool annoucement about upcoming ‘themes’ for meetings. Pick a month and go big. Refresh participants are instructed to step up and pick an upcoming meeting date that they can run with, pick a topic, do a training session, bring a guest speaker, etc. Very nice.

Refresh is a cool idea, I admire Aaron over at 30secondrule for brain building this thing. Not only is it a good idea, but great marketing as well. He is positioning his business as the uber “we are on top of whats hip on the web”. kudos to him.

Haircut so bad you have to shave it all off?

Oh yea, I fell victim to it. A haircut so bad I had to finish it off. Be wary of ladies older than 35 that cut your hair. It seems the older generation does not understand the phrase, “i wear it messy” or “keep the fade low”. She butchered me.. So this morning I busted out the clippers and gave myself a short buzz cut, you know like you had when you were 9.

So now I am a member of the “hey i look like i just joined the army and my scalp aint seen sun since the summer of ’88” club.

It’s okay cause i was actully going to do this at some point. I was going to do it to prepare myself for if i ever really lose my hair. Male pattern baldness sucks, and it looks like I may escape it.. it (hairline) just pulled back a little above my temples is all. But it is good to see yourself bald at least once, so you can prepare pyscholologically in case you do lose it all.

So note to self- find someone that does a good job on your hair, and never deviate. And dont trust old ladies..baldy

Audi RS4 – the car of my desire

So Audi is coming out with a new RS4, 414 horsepower, 0-60 in 4.8 seconds. This is my new car, I just havent gotten it yet. My current A4 is pretty hip, fun to drive and looks sweet.

audi rs4

One thing I am learning about entrepreneurship is : motivation. Or knowing your outcome. You have to be working towards somthing, a dream, a big dream that pulls you forward. The RS4 is just a small part of my big dream. Wants and desires like this keep you going. Pain pushes you forward, put when you create enough space between you and your pain (bills, work, etc) one tends to slack off.. the big dream pulls you forward, keeps you moving towards your goals.

So a fancy, flashy, fast new car is part of my big dream, whats yours?

Christmas time..

Put aside the BS war on christmas, and get back to the basics. I am right, you are right, the guy down the street is right, and heaven forbid the radical freak ready to blow himself up on a train is right. Everyone is right. Tolerance kids. To each his own.

Nothin chaps my ass more than people that say/feel “I am right, so you are wrong”. Do they really think out of 6 billion people, that just them, or their small group of likeminded people are the ONLY ones that have figured it out?

Anyways, that was rant.. what this post was really about was ‘giving’. A good friend of mine, emailed me and some other friends with an opportunity to serve hot meals, and wrap presents for ‘those less fortunate’ on christmas eve. How pimp is that. One grows and stretches by serving others. A life of service is a life of fulfillment. Ask anyone what they would do with $1 million dollars, and somwhere near the top of the list, is “I would buy this for this person, or give this money there”, it is human nature to give and serve.

So get off yer arse, and serve someone. Karma will take care of you. What you put out in the universe is what you get more of.

I’ll be in Tucson spending time with my in-laws. I wish everyone a happy ‘whatever’.

Vegas.. you rude love

Had a great time in Vegas, Went to the club Pure at Ceasers. Nice place, Good music up on the balcony. Saw a psuedo-burelesque show by the “pussy cat dolls“. Was kind of cool.

For all my poker prowness I did terrible at No Limit, Was about 20 minutes into a session, when I went all in on K high flush draw, I got my flush on the river, but so did the guy that called me.. He had nuts A high flush. $220 gone.. Gotta love poker.

All the high rise development in Vegas is pretty cool. I think I will buy a condo there in the next few years.

Ponder this..

There was an old partnership for a drug free america commercial that had an at risk youth say “I am more powerful than pain”. Now tell me that aint a motivating statement. That has stuck with me for many years since. With slight modifcation it has become my battle cry, “I am more powerful than n“. n being whatever is applicable to the challenge before me.

Whatever stands in my way is nothing to me, I can overcome, I am more powerful than whatever life can throw at me.

Whats your battle cry? How do you face challenges and overcome?

coming soon

A new blog from the mind of joshua strebel, yea my real name is ST (saint) REBEL. It sounds like ‘straw’ – ‘bell’. This blog will contain frivolious information concerning my opinions, ideas, thoughts, and actual useful stuff like documenting my journey to wealthy entrepreneur, and web design geek speak.

Sit back, relax.. and chill- cause it will be a nice ride.