The 3rd meeting of Refresh phoenix was held last Tuesday.

Smaller crowd this time, less formal atomsphere as people essentially just networked. Aaron made a cool annoucement about upcoming ‘themes’ for meetings. Pick a month and go big. Refresh participants are instructed to step up and pick an upcoming meeting date that they can run with, pick a topic, do a training session, bring a guest speaker, etc. Very nice.

Refresh is a cool idea, I admire Aaron over at 30secondrule for brain building this thing. Not only is it a good idea, but great marketing as well. He is positioning his business as the uber “we are on top of whats hip on the web”. kudos to him.

1 thought on “Refresh Phoenix for Jan.”

  1. Thank you Joshua, I hope that everyone continues to get something out of each meeting.

    I also wanted to speak with you regarding the “Entrepreneurs” group, its time to get started talking about that group. What its focus is, what each person must contribute and what can it give back.

    Make sure to grab me on March 7th so I can help you get things going with that group.

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