Oh yea, I fell victim to it. A haircut so bad I had to finish it off. Be wary of ladies older than 35 that cut your hair. It seems the older generation does not understand the phrase, “i wear it messy” or “keep the fade low”. She butchered me.. So this morning I busted out the clippers and gave myself a short buzz cut, you know like you had when you were 9.

So now I am a member of the “hey i look like i just joined the army and my scalp aint seen sun since the summer of ’88” club.

It’s okay cause i was actully going to do this at some point. I was going to do it to prepare myself for if i ever really lose my hair. Male pattern baldness sucks, and it looks like I may escape it.. it (hairline) just pulled back a little above my temples is all. But it is good to see yourself bald at least once, so you can prepare pyscholologically in case you do lose it all.

So note to self- find someone that does a good job on your hair, and never deviate. And dont trust old ladies..baldy

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