So, that happened, I guess.

Quick recap for the audience at home: Since my last post: We had a global pandemic, during which we experienced a major family health issue, sold the company, and did a surreal year+ stint at corporate. And now.. we’re healthy, wealthy, and retired. Wild.

Perfect timing. Sally and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary next month, and our kids are still young enough to think we are cool, mostly. Time to travel more, build cars, and deprogram 20yrs of small business ownership.

Shout out to the Pagely crew of past and present, so many friends we made along the way. Thank you, and good luck.

2 thoughts on “In personal news…”

  1. I wish you continued success, joy and most of all – sheer fun as you step into retirement! It’s been my pleasure partnering with you, even briefly. Cheers!

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