Two ends of the spectrum.

I am so stoked on the direction my company Pagely is going and the progress we are making. My kids and wife are amazing. Being a Dad with 2 small boys in pretty much the coolest thing I could have ever imagined.

However, I am so fucking tired. Like sleep for a week tired.

Get the kids down for bed at 7pm, smart thing would be go sleep myself.  But the other side of my brain has been working on new wireframes, or code chunks, or marketing elements since around 3pm when I quit ‘work’. So with a rush of energy I flip open the laptop and get cranking again instead of sleep.

Come 11pm or midnight I know I have to get some sleep, so I crawl into bed. Sit there for 30mins while my brain keeps solving problems, then wake up an hour later to burp my youngest and get him settled back to sleep. Same thing again at 4:30am, maybe get a little more sleep till 7am before I brew some coffee and start the cycle again.

Wake, Dad, Work, Dad, Work, Sleep,Dad,Sleep,Dad — start again.

Evan is about 12 weeks now, so I know it wont be like this forever.. another 10 or 12 weeks and he should sleep most of the night thru. That is the hardest part as the sleep I am getting is so crummy since I am up every couple hours.

Worth it? Hell yes!  <Yawn>

There are parts of my life that I would like to improve of course, but overall I feel like I am in a great place.

Ethan on the left who is nearly 2, and Evan who is 3 mos.



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