I’ve led a short life.. but in all my 32 years I have learned something I wish to pass on to all of you. A simple technique to enjoy everyday; Don’t take yourself so seriously. For that matter don’t take others too seriously either.

Sunny said once I was the youngest old guy he knows.  (Sunny is still in his 20’s so I guess I am old to him). I am assuming he meant that I was young at heart/spirit as I am always joking around and 99.9% of the time happy and smiling.  I don’t act my age. And I don’t intend to anytime soon.

I pop my collar when I wear polo shirts.

Photoshopped awesome courtesy Brian Shaler

And I like to photobomb deep conversations

Sean's chest hair hypnotized Matt into submission

And made it rain with a Unicorn

Smartest guy on the panel had a horn

The moral of the story: Relax and enjoy yourself, and your friends, and your family. The world’s fashion problems and your delusions of grandeur should not keep you from smiling. You are not that important that you cannot find humor in yourself. Unless you have a PHD, you are an expert in nothing,  quit pretending to be one. However you measure success, you are a failure if you are the most important person you know. Stop caring about what others may think, you cannot control them. You can only control how you feel. And you should choose to lighten up and enjoy things.

I forget my own advice sometimes.. but offer thanks to my friends and family for keeping me humble.

Tom Selleck is my brother

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