I rant about big Pharma instilling fear in the weak and making them self diagnose their ailments. But there is a legitimate problem that some people face that there is no known cure or treatment for. Long Torso Syndrome affects men and women alike. They suffer in silence, weeping quietly as their exposed navels freeze in the wind.

I am tired of hiding my long yet svelt frame under XL and XXL clothing. Looking like a toothpick wearing a garbage bag just to get clothes that will cover my belt (its python skin). It’s time to cast away the shame and talk about this affliction.

My friend Sean is 6’8.. standing next to him I (at 6’3) feel short.  Sitting next to him on a plane and I can peer down at his growing bald spot on his head. (kidding about hin losing his hair.. he uses 2x Mega!)

My wife is 5’8 and wears longer inseam pants than I do.

I have donated $1000’s worth of shirts and sweaters to charity after washing them once.

At 185 lbs I am Tall, not Big and Tall (fuck you dept stores and your must be 290lbs to get a T size).

My family is average height.. but even My older brother Jay at a respectable 5’9 has flintstone legs compared to his freakish extend-o-matic torso.

Who’s the tall guy? My gawd look at his Torso

Shame no MORE!

I invite others afflicted with this condition to comment here, share your stories and how you cope. And please please share where you buy clothes or what brands work.

I for one have purchased a closet full of American Apparel T-shirts as they are slim fit and LONG, they fit so great.

PS: Ginor‘s Unite! We demand Exit row seating on airplanes and we demand it NOW!

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  1. My bro is 6’2″ with a shorter inseam than mine. He found ONE type of shirt he loves, and buys the same brand over and over.

    My suggestion that he invest in some jewelry around his stomach and/or a REALLY fancy belt were ignored, but that might work for you. Something dangly, perhaps?

    1. Okay…let’s cut out the “long-torso syndrome” nonsense…you are not a victim, so stop acting like it and start figuring out how to deal with the fact that your torso is longer than usual. Go to Kohls, TJ Maxx, or ANY dept store when they’re having a sale. Grab a few shirts for $20 each and then spend the $25/shirt to have a tailor fit them for you. You end up with a perfectly fitting shirt that cost $45. A cheap shirt that fits you correctly looks way better than an expensive shirt that has a D&G logo but doesn’t fit you. It’s all cotton, dude! A girl can’t see the logo on your clothes from 20 feet away, but she can see if your clothes fit properly from the same distance. They’ll notice if you look good, and good-fitting clothes accomplish that.

    1. Have been dealing with this for years with husband. Found Duluth Trading company’s long tail tees are perfect. https://www.duluthtrading.com/men/collections/longtail-t-shirts/?&srccode=GBPPCMNFS50&chnl=ps_brand_text_mn&region=out_region&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI88jy8P2F3gIVikwNCh0O8wjTEAAYASAAEgJTNfD_BwE

      Also like Untuckit brand https://www.untuckit.com/pages/every-body-welcome?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIton22f6F3gIVRwOGCh18igNtEAAYASAAEgIxZvD_BwE

      Finically for work dress shirts had to start having them custom made with J. Hilburn they run sales and can get them under 100 and they last forever.

    2. I have a long torso and I experience a lot of postural issues I believe are partly caused by my long torso. For example when people sit on a chair with arm rests I usually have to hunch my abdomen forward in order for my arms to reach the arm rests. When I sit on a chair without any arm rests, I have to do the same in order for my arms to reach my legs to use as an arm rest. Tables are also on average lower for the average person to use as arm rests. Perhaps tables with adjustable heights and chairs with adjustable heights? Perhaps a set of positions that can be shared as defaults to spend more time in if possible? For example Lying on your front resting on your elbows? Etc.

      1. Another thing is identifying sports especially suited for people with long torsos: swimming.

        And sports that may not be amenable for people with long torsos, such as rock climbing.

        Also I think it’s more important for people with long torsos to work extremely hard on core strength because it’s required in order to offset the leverage difficulties that come with a long torso.

  2. I think that Strebel family line-up needs to apply for that AT&T commercial: more bars in more places.

    I call shenanigans. on the bald spot btw, that’s just plain giraffe jealousy right there 😉

  3. bwahahaha! i can SO relate. so glad someone has taken the time to stand tall and speak out about this affliction.
    try adding superlong gorilla arms into the mix as well. THAT one is super fun when searching for long sleeved shirts.

    my solution: lots and lots on old navy tanks under all my stupid ass “regular people” sized shirts. or i just wear dresses.

    that last one probably won’t help you out much though. i mean, unless you are into that sort of thing. i don’t judge.

  4. I’m late on this post but…

    My husband is 6′- 5+” and 185 lbs; we shop for him for shirts at the Eddie Bauer outlet because they have the tall sizes. He has a pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans that look great on, but he doesn’t wear them often because they aren’t basic Levi’s, which many times doesn’t have 36 inseam in the wash he wants. We’ll have to check out the American Apparel T-shirts.

    On the other hand, I am 5’3 1/2″ and have to hem everything, because petites are sometimes too short. I wish I had a pair of Seven’s…

  5. Lord this is the first i have found others like me!

    And your statement about the tall vs big & tall is so true… Im tall, but not big.. And have a huge torso… I have a friend who is just as tall as me, but his legs come up to the bottom of my ribs. I on the other hand have most of it in torso. I ace recently found that xxl shirts from old navy survive washes very well…. Im still trying to find jeans that fit well both standing up and sitting down… What fits me perfect standing up has to be unbuttoned sitting down… But just with jeans for some Reason….

    Also has anyone noticed this having effect on your dancing ability? Ive had to learn to dance a bit differently than i would at first, just so i can bob and weave at the same timing as others.

    I heard on another site that there was an asian saying about long backs being lazy… That would be me to a T… Not that i can’t work hard, just that i will bust my butt so that i can sit around if that makes any sense…. Just because i prefer to be lounging. That could just be me though…. At the same time I enjoy things like basketball, volleyball, etc.

    I do tend to hunch over if im not self correcting for it….

    Im interested on how this effects circulation…. For example, i know long legs can cause a problem, but how does a long torso fit into the picture?

    1. Costco used to sell Urban Star Jeans. They look like regular blue jeans but they are made of a material that is more pliable. When you sit down they stretch thus leaving the waiste line where it should be and not being too restrictive and tight. You can find them on the Internet. Give them a shot!

  6. aye man i feel you… im 6″2 weighing about 170 with a lot of work at the gym already.. my shirts are washed and ruined most the time but i found wearing ralph lauren polos are usually long enough and skinny enough to cover my enormous torso. Make sure you stretch your shirts back after the washer

  7. Haha white people

    This is a dominant trait among Asians…. I’m especially bad when compared to other Asians.(I’m Asian)
    I have bad posture due to slouching and sticking my legs out. I recently come to terms with it and am embracing it. Having bad posture is badly impacting me.

  8. Just came upon this blog while searching for womens clothing for LOOOOONNNNNNnnnnnnnng torso’s…..very depressing search I might add, especially beacause I am big too =/ I have a neice who is 5’3″ and my inseam is the same even though I am 5’8″ it’s horrible!!! even when I wasn’t big it was horrible!! and to top it all off, i have really short (as my children say, T-Rex arms)…wish i knew how to sew…that’s for sure. Good luck in your search for well fitting clothing

  9. Finally! There are some people out there with the long torso syndrome! EVERYTHING is too short on me! Tyler, what kind of t-shirts does your brother get??

    1. I am 6′ 5″ with a 30″ inseam. JC Pennys has a “extra tall ” T-shirt (Stafford brand) length is great even after many washings.

      “King Size” Web site has tall “extra length” T’s and polos even a little longer than Pennys.

      Pennys “large extra tall” T’s and polos are a little to broad in the shoulder for me. King size is like tailor made for me, 6’5″, long waist, 220 pounds.

      I stocked up when they were half price sale with free shipping. They normally want $30 each.

      Pennys colored x talls are a little pricey. If you just need white T’s, the 3 pack is reasonable.

  10. Hey, if you can post where I can find clothing, I will love you forever! I am searching online right now. Imagine if you will a woman who cannot wear a one-piece bathing suit, and who always looks like she is trying to show off her midriff. So awkward. And the “larger spots where your breasts are supposed to go” on every shirt are kind of under the armpits, and there is an empty baggy part of the shirt right above the actual breasts. You try pulling it down and it stretches over the breasts making you look like Ms. Cleavage who also BTW has an exposed midriff. What a ho, am I right? So you buy the XL, and the “slim part” which is supposed to be on your “natural waist” is actually OVER your BREASTS because, well, it just is. And size “TALL” is only for pants. As if when you get taller, it is only the legs that grow. And you can’t buy a dress, because the “hip” part that is wide actually lands at the “waist” on your body which is the narrow part, and the “boob” part lands on your upper chest. Thanks for listening.

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Even when I find a dress that is stretchy so the pooches in the wrong places are less noticeable, they look extra short on me because my torso is so long.

      Also, I have to jog to keep up with my husband walking.

  11. I still can’t find pants/shorts that don’t have to be two sizes larger than necessary in order for them not to have to be buttoned directly over my butt. The low rise friend is NOT friends with long torso people!

    I have found shirts and bathing suits, though! Old Navy has a tall women’s line. The shirts are fabulously long! Now, if I can only find pants to go with them…..suggestions?

    1. In phx az they have a chain store called k-momo sells street/urban clothing they sell a brand shaka from s/tall to 5x/tall i been buying l/xl-tall for 10 years.
      Long sleeve too.
      Tight collar’s thick fabric tall means tall.
      6′ from the waist down 6’3″ waist up.

  12. I suffer from the same affliction. It is very hard to find shirts long enough and I, too, have sent many to goodwill after only one washing. I have found that J.Crew t-shirts fit longer, yet they are so thin. I have found that Gap Tall will work but the quality and thickness of the fabric is inconsistent. The white is always too thin to wear alone. Hanes, Lee, and Ralph Lauren are way way way too short. Don’t even go there.

  13. I’m 6’3 with a 32″ inseam. As previously stated, I can wear a shirt one time then next time I wear it you can see my belly button.

    I have found that Kirkland Signature t-shirts fit nice. American Eagle sells LT shirts on line.

    I too have poor posture and can’t stand up straight unless I force myself.

  14. American Apparel 50/50 blend T shirts are the answer for the top half. Express jeans the answer for the bottom half. Trust me on the T-shirts.

    1. i only buy american apparel 50/50 tees as well. except that, i also have to stretch those after a wash. they do shrink a bit. not as much but enough to bug my ridiculously long torso. i laughed at your opening. i am 5’9″. when i sit i am taller than all my 6 foot friends.

  15. I’m 6’3″ 195lbs (I present slim) with a really long torso. I don’t bother buying shirts at most stores. I’m pretty much forced to only buy online. I usually wear a large in most shirts, however, after a wash or two they are way too short. Old navy online has a Tall selection that is fantastic. The quality is great with different materials to choose from and more styles than just solid colors (of which there are many). I wear a medium but the larges fit nice as well just a little roomier for the meaty guys. Very affordable as well.

  16. Thanks for the leads!! I hate shopping for clothes cuz nothing ever fits. Now are all the t shirts at american apparel going to be long enough or just the 50/50 blend?

  17. My solution, as a woman with a very long torso, is to buy men’s shirts. At least t-shirts and button downs for casual wear. For professional wear, I still have problems finding nice looking tops that cover my stomach without looking like I am pregnant or puffing up like a marshmallow.

    1. Francine Dobres

      I agree with you. I wear men’s shirt to being only 5’4″ pants I am 28″ and my back torso lenth is 22″. Women shirts goes to my belly button.

  18. OK, I am 6’2, have a 31 inch inseam and have skinny, gun boat size 14 shoes. I might as well stick a sign on my back that says “kick me I am goofy lookin”. Mind you, I have always managed to get attractive women like me and even married one. But, you feel pretty distorted when your 5’7″ wife tries your jeans on and laughs because they are 2 inches too short. And, no one sells pants in 31″.

    Although I have always been very muscular (not buffed, just lean muscular), I estimate that a normally proportioned man would have to be 6′ 8″ tall to match my torso length. I have a long neck too which seems to amplify visual effect. Nice friends try and convince me I have a swimmers body. When I was in high school and really thin, people used to call me Goose neck and in retrospect, I have to agree. In track, I ran 1/2 mile and it always seemed like I had to take twice as many strides to keep up with the pack.

    Whenever I find T shirts that athletic cut ( not boxy) and for tall, I by all of them whether I like the color or not.

    So don’t feel bad. That’s my story and I am a pretty happy guy despite my cartoon proportions.

  19. I have a long torso… I date dudes that are taller than I, but I’m always amazed that when we sit down I’M. Taller! I can’t wear dresses because the waist is fitted too high like around my ribs. Instead I get skirts and tops. Oh another thing….freaking tight jeans! Although I love them needless to say.everyone hung rides up into my jing jing…all day long.
    Anyway it’s become an issue for me mainly since I moved back down To where my mom lives. Everytime she sees me she comments about my belly hanging out. I used to not notice it. My shirts would ride up…whatever. I even wear crop tops…because they look good. But finally I started trying to wear longer stuff for her sake and there is always a “midriff” peeking through.
    To her its like an original SIN! I mean chicks show their tits, which really ARE an erogenous zone…they push them up out of their shirts ip to the nipple line with enough cleavage to be a butt rack, but no one seems to comment about that.!
    My issue is that bitches dont like to see girls with hot tummies show their shit. That’s what this whole long waisted thing has led to.

  20. So I’m a guy, 5’9″, 13, turning 14 in less than a month. I’m a pretty big (HUGE) metal head and I basically wear only skinnies, and super skinnies that I buy from Hot Topic. The problem is, my legs are almost completely disproportionate. They’re skinny, but too short. I’m really jealous of all the guys I see that are tall like me, but have longer legs and can actually wear jeans like that. I bought two pairs of super skinnies about a week ago, and I HATE wearing them because of how my legs look. It’s SO hard finding any shirts/tops that fit right because they just don’t fit long enough on my torso with my long, twiggish arms. So I’m stuck here, wearing M shirts and worrying about the SM’s shrinking, while pulling my pants above my waist. So yes, I definitely feel your pain.

  21. I’m 5’7″ female and quite slim. People are always surprised to hear my actual height because I look about 5’11” when I sit down next to them. To date I haven’t met anyone who towers over me when the sit down. At the very least I am the same height sitting down as the tallest of men. It hasn’t ruined my life or anything but I do sometimes feel like a giant or out of proportion. I don’t remember my back ever hurting years ago but now I feel like I need a daily massage. I also have a long neck but I see people with no necks and am happy to take mine. In the dating world I have to check what it’s like when we sit down, and in always searching for the comfy flexible seating as opposed to the harder seats. For women like me (if there are any!) I tend to stick to dresses or high waisted skirts/jeans and the tall sections at top shop.

  22. I’m 6’3″ with a 30″ (if I’m being generous) inseam – it’s all torso.

    For casual clothes, I get along very well with LT sizes, even the occasional XLT if its cut smaller and longer. Calvin Klein makes some nice items, every big & tall shop I’ve been to has at least a few LT in stock if I ask about them.

    For dress clothes, I have gone with a tailor since my early 20’s. These guys have pretty reasonable prices (http://www.novafashionsusa.com/) but it’s made in Bangkok and a fairly long shipping time. If I need something quickly, I go local. Occasionally tip-top tailors (A Canadian retailer) will carry ‘tall enough’ shirts in their ‘Bellissimo’ line, with reasonable neck sizes and slim tall cuts. For undershirts, jockey is my brand of choice as their talls are always long enough, and designed to fit close to the body.

    I notice you didn’t say anything about the benefits of a tall torso and shorter legs – chances are you are (or could be) a really great swimmer and a good musician (piano / drums). These tend to favor longer arms and short powerful legs.

  23. I am so happy that I found this and read all the comments! I am 5’4″ and 140 lbs. I don’t look that fat except for my tummy which makes pants not stay up too well furthering the belly showing! I VE been asked more than once when I’m due! When I’m naked my belly doesn’t look that bad. I have pretty bad back problems and since pregnancy have become even worse. My lowest disc is degenerated causing so much pain and sciatica. That keeps me from working out consistently. Everytime I get into a great routine (running and weightlifting) my back starts acting up again. I’m only 34 🙁

    1. I wonder if some of your problem is from having an extra vertebrae as I have. Hip huggers never worked for me as the were always to big at the top. Low rise pants are the same.
      I also have a lot of pain in my coccyx for decades. Sitting on
      Hard surfaces is very painful, and getting up from a hard chair is terrible, but lasts only a short time. Arthritis has
      Made it worse.

  24. Tshirts are easier to solve for as a tall tshirt doesn’t have ridiculously long arms, however with dress shirts, I rarely get to problems after washing, most shirts are already too short for my torso when brand new. However, I’ve now found 2 brands from Nordstrom that appear at least 2 inches longer in the torso than others (which means the bottom button is right behind my belt buckle, rather than well above it). The first is Nordstrom’s own “Nordstrom Smartcare” brand, and the other is the Calibrate brand they carry. I prefer shirts without a pocket so I buy Calibrate, if the pocket doesn’t bother you, there’s a wider selection or colors and patterns from the Smartcare range. They’re not super cheap but they’re good quality dress shirts and if your normal strategy is to buy a cheaper oversize shirt and get it adjusted the price difference probably isn’t that much.

  25. Hermann Munster

    Here’s something no one will want to talk about.
    I am 5’9″ have an extremely long torso with a very short inseam. 29″. My arms are wonderfully humanly proportioned to the length at my height of 5’9″ which means proportionally my arms are really short and barely reach my waist.
    Just had abdominal surgery and the tremendous acrobatics that must be performed in order to reach after going to the bathroom to clean myself are super painful and near impossible.
    On another blog I saw someone ask the question if this long torso thing was considered a birth defect. He might be on to something.

  26. It’s refreshing to hear that others suffer from the same “affliction” that I do. I’m always so uncomfortable. My belly button showing in the front when I sit down, my shirt tail flailing in the wind when I get up. I’m constantly tucking in my shirt and pulling up my pants. At 6′ tall with 34″ arms, 36-38″ waist and 31″ inseam, I rarely find anything that fits well. Further, I carry much more weight than I appear. Most people think I’m around 185 pounds, but I currently weight about 230. I have huge horse thighs and monster calves, even when I’m in great shape which is around 215 lbs. for me.

    When I sit and take a group photo, I look like the tallest person in the room – towering over my friends who stand 3-5″ taller than me. I attribute my very poor posture, which my parents used to constantly point out, to this odd build. If I’m sitting at a table and lean forward, I have to REALLY lean forward and bend my back to reach the table.

    Most people consider me fashion forward so I love slim fit clothing – but low rise is not my friend. All this to say, I struggle to find fashionable clothing that fits well. I’ve wasted so much money in the past. I’ve recently been researching custom clothing as I believe the proper yet expensive fit would would offset all the waste. I have learned that the more weight I carry, the more obvious my odd build.

    Sometimes I wish the 40’s high pants era would come back. Until then, here are some things I’ve found that work well:


    Calvin Klein slim fit suits aren’t so slim that they are tight. They contour well to my odd shape, even my huge thighs. The rise also works pretty well.


    Again, Calvin Klein works well for me. I found some premium pants on sale that have the slim look, but work with my large thighs and have a great rise.


    I recently bought a bunch of Banana Republic shirts online. While a bit slim at the bottom, they are extremely long. BEST PART – THE LAST BUTTON ACTUALLY FALLS WELL BELOW MY BELT LINE!!!! I can’t stress how big that is. So many of my shirts split just above my belt.


    Same issue. Hard to find shirts long enough. The Hanes Power Slim are like compression shirts. I don’t wear them becasue of the “Spanx factor,” but because they are long and stay tight at the bottom so they don’t come untucked, nor pull out the top shirt with them.

  27. Add another torso to the count…I’m 6’3″, 195, with a 34″ inseam, and 34″ arms. My bike fitter said I have ‘freakish’ geometry. I have solutions for two of the items in the list:

    Jeans – two brands fit like a glove – Levis 514 34×34, and Lucky Brand (have to look up the model) button fly with the slightly stretchy fabric.

    T-shirts – Lululemon T’s are absolutely amazing. Mostly plain, solid colors, they’re made for yoga so they made the torso super long AND made it out of a slightly stretchy fabric. They’re a little pricy at $45, but I’ve been wearing a black one as a ‘weekly wearer’ for the last 9 months without any fading, shrinking, etc. I now have a closet full of these. They’re simply amazing.

    Now what I don’t have solved: Dress shirts, which I’m going to go custom, and button down sport shirts / fashionable non-polo shirts (think Ben Sherman, Robert Graham, etc). I’m going to try tailor4less.com – huge variety of fabrics and patterns, shirts are $59 or $69 depending on fabric.

    I’ll report back.

    1. Brooks Brother’s has a decent dress shirt. Slim fit, but still long in arms and waist. But they don’t work for me with a Tie as I need like 15.5 inch neck and i can only find 16 with the arm length I need.

  28. I’m 5’11” and my inseam is the same as a 5’1″ woman I work with – 30″. My head touches the roof of my Honda Fit. My daughter and girlfriend call me T-rex. I cry on the inside. Every night. Cry.

    Though in all seriousness, the giant torso is a curse. I have degenerative disc disease in my lower (lumbar) back. It causes me pain all the time. And for the life of me, I cannot find an ergonomic chair to support my lumbar. None of them fit me. For the lumbar support to be in the right place, the part of the chair that is supposed to support your shoulders just ends up jamming into my shoulderblades. Grrrr. I cry the whole workday. The whole commute home, I cry.

  29. Holy cow! I’m not alone! I’ve been unconsciously tugging at my shirts my entire life. I hate wearing clothes because of it! I’ve found my community!

  30. Thanks for the posts. I am 6’3 with a 33″ waist and a super long torso. Reading through all the posts it looks like American Apparel or Old Navy. I’ll try both.

    Two dress shirt brands that work well for me, but are expensive are:

    Theory – for dress shirts (they have Outlet stores, be sure to try a few cuts to find the right ones)

    James Perse – for polo shirts (I have one that is almost too long…almost. They also have an outlet store out here in LA)

    For jeans my favorite pair is Hudson Athletic Fit. They have a 33″ waist with a 37″ inseam. I just got them hemmed up for $10 and they were amazing. You can check Nordstrom Rack for a deal on these.

    Love to hear more suggestions on t-shirts if they’re out there.

  31. I am 5’9 & @ 48 years old I’ve never been able to find proper pants that actually come to my waist or shirts that fit me correctly length wise. When driving, in order to reach the peddles properly I’m almost to the front notch of the seat. In doing so though my head almost touches the viser. Get so frustrated. Seems like I have a bad lower back from stooping down.

  32. I can’t believe I actually found something on this. I’m only 5’7 but my torso is built for someone about 6 foot tall. To top it off I have ridiculously long arms and shoulders that would make a linebacker blush. AND I’m a female for crying out loud! I can’t find anything that will fit me still to this day. Completely not fair. I weep with all of you. If I do find something that fits I can’t dry it after its been washed. My chubby belly is constantly exposed and 3/4 sleeves are actually just short sleeves shirts. One guy said it can be a good thing for swimmers which makes sense as I was an amazing swimmer back in the day. Another girl said she had degenerative disks. I hadn’t even thought of that but yes, I have that too probably due to slumping over to write or even eat, not to mention all of those photos us women take together where we HAVE TO press our faces together! I’m so happy I have found others that are dealing with this. I’m not the only one that looks like I’m stuck in the belly shirt era of the early 90s. Thank you!

  33. My son is 22 years old, 6″5′ handsome as anything, has very few shirts to wear because of his long, long torso…. What stores would be best for him to buy his shirts or should he just shop online? If he raises his arms, you can see his belly….. :0

  34. 6 4 long neck and 31 inch inseam. American Apparel blended t shirts. It may be a little “old manish” but Eddie Bauer has a good selection of long shirts and pull overs.

    For suits I have used tailors4less.com and have been satisfied.

    My weight is up and down and I can say we long bodies look much better thin. Somehow a thick middle accentuates the longness of the bod.

    As for back problems I have taken up Olympic lifting. Squatting and deadlifts have really improved my lower back pain.

  35. Hello,
    I too suffer from long torso, in unison with broad shoulders, and long arms…

    Get a shirt to fit the shoulders? Looks like I’m Julia Robets in a men’s button up. (I assure you much more traumatic for audiences though)

    Get a shirt to fit my arms? I might as well wear a blow up suit, cause they compensate by adding material to the torso widthwise.

    Get a shirt to fit my torso’s length? Well hell, I might as well wear a sheet.

    I’m not saying I’m a guy with a gorgeous physique, in fact I want shirts to fit so I can work and hide some of the stubbornness. I’m a yoga instructor, so I also struggle with the tee shirt bundling around my face and neck when I go into a deep downward dog leaving my downward belly and love handles exposed for all my students to gawk at.

    BUT alas! I have found that some of Prana’s shirts tend towards the longer side of things in the torso. I just have to bust out the tape measure or try the puppies on. They tend a little on the pricey side, but I find them to be quality that last. They have two line ups a yoga wear and more casual outdoors wear. I suppose both. They do use fancy cottons so beware of shrinking… I find putting some cheap hair conditioner in the wash after the cycle and hang drying helps them to not shrink up.

    Shoulders and sleeves tend to still plague me… So I had to resort to tailored shirts, douche-y half buttoned shirts with the sleeves rolled to my forearms.

  36. I’m glad I found this site! I can relate to so many of the LTS publishing and postings on this site. I’m also glad to know that there is a community, or shall I say a movement! I am a lover of fashion and sometimes develop close relationships with the garments I go out of my way to purchase. I am beyond fed up with throwing my clothing away after the first wash, having to stretch my clothes to desired length, or hating to stretch or raising my hand in public for fear of exposing my beltway! Sadly, I have a toddler that has developed the same LTS characteristics, and we have noticed some of the same issues with him that we deal with but as a baby! I’d like to learn more and network with other persons dealing with LTS! Best Regards To You All!

  37. Just found out Stafford has an undershirt that is sized EXTRA tall. Ranging from LXT- XXLXT. I am 6’4″ with a 32″ inseam and they cover my entire bottom!!!!! Never been so comfortable being this way!

  38. It’s great to commiserate here! I’m 5″8′ and I’m as tall as my 6 foot tall boyfriend when we sit down side by side.

    Yes, exposed navel is always a problem. It is not easily to cover the gap between trousers and shirt. I wear tunics in summer and mac/rench/rain coat in other seasons.

    I have back pain, which I suspect is from lean forward on a regular table. I cannot lower my chair more to accommodate my torso. What do you guys do for the chair/desk issue?

  39. Anna Goldsmith

    So I have this same issue and recently had a back X-ray due to some ongoing lower back pain. Turns out I have an extra vertebra–who knew! … And yet, it just made so much sense. I’ve always felt about 4 inches off: shirts too short, pants too long. Anyway, it’s a fairly common “spinal abnormality” so guessing a lot of people here might have the same issue? You can read more about it here: http://www.spinalcord.com/blog/the-sixth-lumbar-vertebrae-the-anatomy-behind-the-rare-extra-bone. I found it really interesting and just wanted to share.

  40. Omg finally a place filled with people with this struggle. I’m 5’10” I’ve been told several times I’m long waisted. Sometimes I feel like I have the proportions of a cat! I’ve gotten many comments about how tall I am but it’s all in the torso. My friend who’s about 5’6″ has the same length legs as me.

  41. hey guys im 6’3 with a 33 ish waist, i have a twin brother and a little brother who are about the same. We all have a super long torso. i have been having to buy sportswear stretchy lycra fabric shirts and jeans that have a lot of lycra in them too so they dont become bothersome. My brothers and i also have a congenital birth defect call myotonia congenita, its a neurological condition that makes our lives hell. without bragging we all look pretty good, but i suspected part of the disease made us this way. it is nice to know that that is not the case, but i need an alternative to buying xl shirts when a long L would do just fine. and oh, living off of disability my budget is pretty shit, so i wish their were some cheaper alternatives

  42. BackPain

    I work at a computer all day.. at a ‘normal’ desk the back pain is intense. You either have to lower the chair to the floor or slide it way back and hunch over the desk.

    Raise the desk. Ikea desks with adjustable length legs, extend to the max. Put a normal desk on books if you too.

    Also if you have the cash, the Herman Miller Embody chair http://www.hermanmiller.com/products/seating/performance-work-chairs/embody-chairs.html is pretty amazing.

  43. Finally, after years of searching the internet: I have found my people!

    My name is Josh and I also suffer from long torso syndrome.

    American Apparel is my go-to as well, typically larger T-shirts are great, sometimes the XL long-sleeves hold up better after the wash, but the short sleeves L are great. I tried so many other options, but finally came back to them and I have a (happy) closet full.

  44. Very good site I have a long torso short legs massive thighs I have found wrangler xl shirts and Dickie’s long tees are great 6 foot 30 inch inseam.
    My problem is with the cars are built for long leg drivers I sat in the Dodge Charger the salesmen opened the sun roof and said see it fits you perfect. The newer TDI VW Passat is a joke my eyes are even with the visor head up in the head liner. I have the worst posture in the world standing up I can sway my back and my knees are double jointed makes me look like a nerd. my arms are normal and I could lift any thing I could put in my hands .

  45. I was robbed in my adolescent years. Anything below my beltline stopped growing, except my feet are size 13. But my micro junk is nothing to brag about against my xl hands. I am 6′ 2″ with a 30″-32″ (long) inseam and my wingspan is 2 inches taller than my height. I weigh 300 lbs. FAT and muscular. I cannot find clothes that I am comfortable in. What gives. I thought I was the only one until I came across this mostly crew. What happened to us or what did we do to deserve such distinguished genes? My wife is 5″ 4′ with the same inseam. She is a DD. Put my mitts on them they look like C.

  46. Yep. Same boat. I went to a men’s clothing store yesterday. They had 2x jackets that were sized for people with less torso. Until now, I thought only Hank Hill could relate.

    I also coach a running group. Were provided a “coaches” shirt. Barely reaches the waste line. I raise my arm a bit “oh look! It’s mAh belly saying hi y’all.”

    I feel like that person in the infomercial who says “there’s gotta be a better way.”

  47. Hi, My name is Andrea and I am an Aussie! I am 5’7 and am nearly 57. My husband is the same height but when sitting, I am taller! Although we are the same height, when I am driving I have the seat forward!
    I hate buying one piece swimmers as I always have had to get the size bigger and then my bust looks like a pancake! I also love tankinis because I can get my them long enough to cover me!
    I work as a Medical Secretary and suffer from excruciating back pain. I get remedial massages every now and then to help! I also get sciatica. When the pain is bad I like to walk as this helps quite a lot. I also do yoga which helps!
    I very seldom wear dresses but wear tops, skirts and pants!

  48. After doing a Google search, I found this page. 🙂
    I am 6’1 with a 30″ inseam and am about 230 lbs. So who’s now not trying to think of my body type? 🙂
    Pending the brand of pants, my inseam is 29″. Finding shirts that fit my long torso sucks!

    After going over a few posts above, it looks like I have a good start in places to check out for clothes..

    American Apparel
    Eddie Bauer
    Old Navy
    Calvin Klein- Dress Pants
    Banana Republic- Shirts
    Theory- dress shirts
    James Perse- Polo’s
    Hudson- Jeans
    Lucky- Jeans
    Lululemon- Under T’s

    I’ll check back to see if anyone else posts something different.

  49. This brought a smile to my face. Not of everyone’s plight just that there’s a lot more than me out there.

    I’ve always had issues with clothes. I’m 6″ 4″ 225lbs with a 29 inch leg with a 34 inch waist but I’m not rake like on top. My chest size is 48 inches. So even if my clothes don’t shrink up to show my mid rift the top parts street out so much that the top looks like I’ve been recently pregnant and lost my baby that’d be ok if I wasn’t a man.

  50. Sitting in a waiting room chair, too high, cutting off circulation to my lower legs, feet dangling freely a few inches above the floor, seats so deep my back can’t make contact with the chair back causing back pain, whilst looking enviously downward from the top of my long torso at folks much taller than me who seem reasonably comfortable.

    Too high seats at too low conference room desks that force me to slump over to write my notes, elbows that won’t reach armrests without slumping sideways.

    I am 5’1′ but as tall as someone of 5’8″ when sat down. Along with the short legs, I also have very muscular limbs and a big bust so finding clothes that fit well is not easy and I empathize with the clothing problems you all have shared. I either make clothes (without using patterns) or alter clothes to fit. Jeans are impossible, but I buy jeggings 2 sizes too big for the long rise and take them in to fit.

    A bit of advice for those who have mentioned tops and shirts shrinking after washing: Handwash gently in lukewarm water, rinse, fold the garment lengthways to squeeze out, place flat on a clean towel, roll them up together and tread out excess water, gently pull the garment back in shape lengthways and dry either on a line or on a hanger indoors – never machine wash or tumble dry. When ironing, work the iron lengthways with a gentle pull on the fabric. This should prevent or minimize shrinking and can even lengthen garments a bit.

  51. I can relate. I am a 5’6 woman, with a 27 inch inseam. My husband is 6’1, and when we are both sitting, I am taller than him! I wear petite pants, made supposedly for women 5’2 and under. They fit perfectly. Regular women’s pants are so long I am tripping over them. However, there does not seem to be such a thing as tall shirts for women, even though there are tall pants. I have adapted by wearing undershirts and tanks under my shirts (often men’s, as they are longer), so that my belly does not show when I lift my arms up. I’m thick around the waist, so I don’t like tucking my shirts in since doing so emphasizes belly fat. Sometimes with short people, they can be standing and I can be sitting, and I will be eye to eye with them. But then, when sitting on many deep couches, my feet won’t be anywhere near the floor. I also wonder if long torsoed people shrink more with age, since height shrinkage comes from the cushioning between the vertebrae, so our height is in the area that shrinks the most. I have noticed that trend in my family – my mom is similarly proportioned, and she went from 5’10 to 5’6 by age 70. I was just over 5’7 in my 20’s, and have lost more than inch of height already by my late 30’s. My mom started out taller, but I’m going to be a short old lady at that rate!

  52. On a side note, have any of you found an office/computer that can support a high up lumbar support? I am 6’1″ with a 33″ inseam.

  53. I’ve been struggling with long torso syndrome for decades. Every shirt I wear is a crop top, even if I buy an XL. My boyfriend broke up with me because he hates long torsos. Now that I’ve recovered from the break up I am starting a new clothing line called “Long Torsos Matter Too”. Join the movement #LongTorsosMatter

  54. I find that’s having long torso make is exhausting. Im always slouching, which makes me look older then I really am, then on top of my I’m prone to back pain. To offset it if I try to keep a decent posture all the time to prevent back pain. Any one would like to share to daily stretch excercise routine for their hamstring, hip flexor or glute ? Any other long term issues we might be prone to ? Herniated disc? Any info is great appreciated

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