is pushing a petition to tell Harry Reid how you feel about the Public Option being in danger.

My message:

You spineless fool. Trade away the only reasonable method to keep the insurance companies honest for expanded medicare. Get your act together and grow a pair (of balls). If you are a man of any sense of integrity you would put the public good over your re-election bid. Congress is a fail and you continue to prove it daily. Let wall street go back to business and the health insurance companies line your campaign coffers.. and you just keep going on being a douchebag.

Please, for all that is moral and just in the world: do what is right, for the PUBLIC. NOT what it right for your corporate masters.

Joshua Strebel, Small business owner – Arizona.

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My insurance rates have climbed almost as fast as my coverage as declined. YOURS HAVE TOO. Free market capitalism.. I am all for it. I am a business owner and I have a reasonable expectation of profit. I think insurance companies should as well. BUT… they are middle men in a system that only exists for profit at the expense of the public at large. No good Samaritan is going to come out of the woodwork and start an insurance company that “works”, in that vacuum the government has to step in to regulate and create an alternative that focuses on coverage, not profits.

Tell me how it’s socialism, tell me how it is unfair.. tell me how the government will ration care. I will call you a fool. I will tell you how in a split second the insurance companies will adapt and change for the better when presented with a legitimate competitor to their monopoly.

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