@IAM_SHAKESPEARE only has one purpose, to put the complete works of Willy Shakes on Twitter, line by line. All 112,000+ of them.

From all 100+ Sonnets, to King Lear, Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet, A Midsummer Nights Dream… yeah all of them.

Every 10 minutes a new line, 24/7/365. Should take about 2 years, 13days..ย  and finish around August 24th 2011

Why? Well Why not?

29 thoughts on “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, on Twitter”

  1. I studied Shakespeare in High School and College, which is a lot to say for a dumb kid from Muncie==Well David Letterman went to College there too, but I wrote 2 thesis papers on Hamlet, he was indecisive, I thought I was too, till I just discovered I am just a procrastinator. I still say the King came back from Purgatory. no I am not, nor ever was Catholic, at least in this life.

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  3. DIANA. ‘Tis not the many oaths that makes the truth,
    But the plain single vow that is vow’d true.
    What is not holy, that we swear not by,
    But take the High’st to witness. Then, pray you, tell me:
    If I should swear by Jove’s great attributes
    I lov’d you dearly, would you believe my oaths
    When I did love you ill? This has no holding,
    To swear by him whom I protest to love
    That I will work against him. Therefore your oaths
    Are words and poor conditions, but unseal’d-
    At least in my opinion.

    In other words, thank you for your tweets.

  4. I just LOVE this!!! For those with iPhones, you can download the complete works–the FIRST app I downloaded!–for FREE. I have ALL of Will’s wonderful words with me all the time!!!

  5. Very nice to e-mail Will after being so fond of him. I am the author of two novels with Shakespeare as main character, published by w.W. Norton (who, you know, also publishes the First Folio replica). Novels are: “Nicholas Cooke” and “the Players: a novel of the young Shakespeare.”

  6. I ponder on today’s news, and wonder whether Shakespeare would be included in the mob frenzy armed with stones throwing them at Palanski, a genius who gave as wonderful great works…I also wonder what Shakespeare ever did to be ban and censored by Dr Bowdler…

  7. Every ten minutes? I assume it’s automated, cause while it’s amusing, and interesting, how the hell do you have the time. Gonna be hard to read, but read I will.

  8. Haha. Nice.

    I’m doing the same thing, just with Nineteen Eighty-Four. But I have a different tactic, post as much until my ‘daily’ limit is reached, attempt a new tweet every 15 minutes until the limit is off then post as much as possible. Rinse and repeat.

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  10. Great idea, Joshua, but for us non Shakespeare scholars who do not recognise the lines, is there any way of amending the tweets so that the name of the play/sonnet is mentioned? Also check out the recent modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet by RSC actors on Twitter in “Such Tweet Sorrow” to have a look out how the modern equivalent of Shakespeare’s characters would use Twitter today.

  11. I’ve met the real Shakespeare, and I can tell you his name. He helped me write my book about him,and for now, we are looking for a scriptwriter. “To prove this story otherwise than such these words describe, a fabulous connection ‘cross time to be beheld, believed, it became for you and I.” (quote from Shakespeare in my book)

  12. Hi there!

    What a good idea! I’m one of the people you follow on Twitter and I don’t mind you sending me Shakespeare lines because I love it!

  13. I was always looked upon as weird because I was the one reading the complete works of Shakespeare on the beach as opposed to the latest romance novel. Thanks for doing this!

  14. This Twitterfeed is a delight. Every few posts, a gem, highlighting the genius of WS. He seldom failed to hit the mark. Even in the commonplace.

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