As most of you peeps know. Ward Andrews and I made Suntweets many months ago. We have/had plans to take it further into more of a real time, live game -> social media hybrid experience.

These cool cats at have now done it, With funding from Y Comb.

Another Classic coulda, woulda, shoulda but didn’t and now someone else has. Great for FanChatter, their investors, and sports fans.. and a missed opportunity for me.

Lesson to me: STFU and DO IT.

Lesson to you: STFU and DO IT.

I am not going to pine on about the state of startup funding in Phoenix… I’ll leave that to Derek.

4 thoughts on “Snooze you lose..”

  1. i have this feeling on a weekly basis. so many ideas, so little time.

    no joke…when i was 7 or 8, i had the idea for a toilet seat warmer. sounds ridiculous, but im from the midwest and its cold sitting down on the toilet in the winter. TMI, i know, but the point is that i had the idea. several years later, i saw the idea on an infomercial. this was the first of many ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ for me.

    granted, i was only 8 when i had the idea, but i had it and did nothing about it. this has happened to me so many times over the years that ive lost count. lately, ive decided to share the ideas with others more. this is why i like the idea of gangplank, because i would rather share my idea and have a gangplanker develop it than have ron popeil make another infomercial to torment me with and make millions from.

  2. Seriously? Just because you have one competitor doesn’t mean you need to give up. Plus, based on the FanChatter site they’ve been working on it for a couple of years. Like you said, just do it.

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