Here is a silly idea I came up with: play a massive game of Scrabble on Twitter.

Everyone picks 1 of the 26 letters as an avatar.. whomevers’ list of followers on their profile spells out the highest scoring/longest word wins.. scoring could be based on scrabble rules.. like the use of X or Q in a word is worth more points etc..

Maybe it can be an ongoing game by taking screenshots and submiting to flickr using the same tag for game/points tracking…

Here is a quick mock-up.. where COUCH is the winning word.

Okay, the idea is out in the wild, have fun with it…

UPDATE:  It has been pointed out to me that a few day earlier this dude spawned the idea. I did not know about it.. so I came to the same idea as he did.. just a few days later.  Great minds think alike…


4 thoughts on “Presenting Twitter Scrabble”

  1. Thanks for finding that Jon.

    If you look at the comp in this post you can even see a K and A scrabble letters in my follower list.. I did not see those at first, but honestly the idea came when i changed my avatar to just whitespace.

    Props then to Malarkey for the twitter scrabble idea.

  2. Hey,

    Just stumbled on this post after finding your Twitter profile through Andrew Hyde. I developed a plugin a bit like this a year ago called Elements. It’s probably not quite as elegant, but it’s great for creating multiple editable regions across a site and works fine with WP 2.6.x.

    If you’d like to check it out, it’s here:



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