My uncle passed away yesterday.  He was a 20+ year veteran of law enforcement in Utah.. and what killed him was apparently a heart attack… at 48,  he was in great shape.

I don’t think anyone saw that coming. Entropy, Chaos theory, random fluctuation of the universe.. what have you.  Just does not make much sense, I guess death never does.

Scott was my “cool” uncle. I always felt like I could relate to him better then the rest of my extended family on that side which leans very conservative. I dont know if it was because of his job, but he seemed to be much more relaxed about things (mainly the antics of myself and my other blacksheep siblings).

Our family is pretty big about holidays… also is just big (My Grandparents have 6 kids.. 30+ grandkids?.. and now 6+ great grandkids?.. I lost count) Whenever we would get together for holidays, I always enjoyed listening to Scott tell stories about his work.. or about his own childhood antics, He was one of those story tellers that would keep you engaged and wanting more. He was also a car guy.. as of course I am.

Go to work one morning and just not come back..  just like that, his families’ life just did a hard 90 degree turn.

Scott survived 20+ years of driving hundreds of miles a day (highway patrolman) and chasing down bad guys.. and a heart attack does him in on sunny Thursday morning… wtf universe?, wtf?

Scott and his Wife, Suzy. Christmas ’06.

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