Welcome to the new year. I have some plans for this year that I am very excited about, allow me to share:

We are making the transition from client services to internal projects at obu web. Building a killer client services company was fun and all, but it had its downside. Chasing client dollars and managing the various dispositions of employees are a near constant drain on enthusiasm. In 08 we will complete this transition to focus only on our internal projects.. those being:

BestPartyEver.com is ready to blow up in 2008. We have invested a good chunk of time, dollars, and energy into this party planning and party ideas resource. It has taken a while to put all the pieces in place, but the response has been great. Traffic and registrations are up week after week, and we still have some great stuff to add to the site still. We are in talks to secure a small angel round to propel bpe forward.  We are also just as committed to building the site and user base organically like we have been.  Takes a bit longer, but we don’t have to give up and control.

MoroPartners.com is a new internet consulting firm that I am working with. Moro Partners is an internet consulting firm that helps businesses successfully navigate the website design, development, and internet marketing process. We are also lending our expertise to established and startup web client services companies to assist them in biz development, strategy and sales. I am learned a lot in the past 5 years and feel Moro is a good avenue for me to share that knowledge to the benefit of fellow industry professionals, as well as companies purchasing web design and internet marketing services.

We will also be making some changes to Flare9 our website builder product, to refine the offering and position it for a possible acquisition.

I will be blogging quite a bit more often on the various blogs I maintain this year as I focus more on the consulting services of Moro.

If you are not in it to Win it, why are you even playing?

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  1. Congratulations in particular on the transition OUT of the service model Obu was under. We at Fivetwenty have made that exact same move as we have found verticals to be far more lucrative while allowing more time for the product and less time managing clients.

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