This is not a reference to Obama’s skin color.. but what I would call a Obama/Paul 08 independent ticket.


How come the only 2 candidates that seem to have anything to say worth listening too, have the longest shot of winning?

Ron Paul is too smart for his own good and refuses to play the game of politicking. He does little to endear himself to the talking heads that have their own news TV program, and does even less to play the corporate money game that could easily grease the wheels of his nomination. But you say to me, he doesn’t need corporate money to get elected, he has all that netroots money. No amount of money in the world will get Paul elected, he stands for everything that the current influence and power structure are against. They will not go without a fight, and their pockets are much, much, much deeper.

Now I like the guy, I think he is just crazy enough that if he was able to get elected, and was even able to get 1/4 of his platform passed an impotent and stonewalling congress, we just may have a chance of bringing America back from the brink. I don’t think he has a prayer of getting the Rep. nomination unless his Paulites can somehow how knock off the old RNC guard in some sort of midnight offensive.

Obama.. I like the guy and let me say he has my vote already, but the sad truth is again the status quo is working against him. A blue blood menopausal white wife of an ex-president is as close to a White Male as you can get, and even that is probably too far from the established norm for most of the sheepericans to swallow. Obama has another 15-20 years until the civil rights generation is no longer the “establishment” and then he would have a solid chance of getting elected. When that generation dies, hopefully their prejudices will go with them.

Remember I said he has my vote, but the average American lefty voter is preoccupied with the thought of ol Bill being a first husband, a black man as president may still be too much to process. They can only handle one crisis of consciousness at a time… NASCAR or UFC?.

Since neither of them are going to get their party nominations (I would love to be proven wrong on this) I propose an Obama/Paul or Paul/Obama 08 independent ticket. They have enough support between them, that together they could possibly pull an upset by a slim margin.

So a 3 way run between a Clinton/Edwards for the Dems, Obama/Paul running a middle independent ticket, and 2 god fearing, torture endorsing, over 50 white guys that hate gay Mexicans, for the Reps.

This will be fun to watch.

9 thoughts on “The dark horse – Obama/Paul 08”

  1. Ron Paul has stated many times that he has no desire to run independent. Even if pressured into it (which has a very little chance of happening), Obama wouldn’t be the person he would choose.

    Neither Paul nor Obama share the same political views. Even on the war they are somewhat split. They are on opposite sides of political ideology. Everything that Obama would push for is arguably the opposite of what Ron Paul would push for.

    Along with that, a group on the internet suggested that Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich run on an independent ticket. While still very different in political ideology, Dennis Kucinich is probably a little closer to Ron Paul than Obama. Ron Paul’s campaign then said that they had no interest in a ticket with Kucinich.

    Obama is more liberal. Ron Paul is more Libertarian Conservative. The two don’t mix.

    So basically, there’s almost no chance for either of these two to run on the same ticket, especially an independent one.

  2. Bloomberg/Lieberman are planning on a third party bid if Ron Paul does simply because it would be very risky for Israel if Ron Paul wins. if the other also run, it puts Paul in a very awkward position.

  3. Ron Paul and Obama are two different candidates with different ideas but they both have the Common goal: To bring about change in Washington and to unite the Nation. We are a great nation, each of us with unique beliefs and backgrounds. Why do we continue to fight our differences when it’s our differences that make us great. Why if your a Democrat in office is everything a Republican says a bad idea and visa-versa? It is time to start listening to each other and use are differences to find the best solutions for our problems. No one man or woman has all the right answers, no one political party has all the right solutions for America. We need people in power with different beliefs and backgrounds but that are willing to work together and have common goals. Obama and Paul I believe are two people that could do that together and just knowing that brings me a little hope for the future.

    I don’t believe that Paul can get the republican nomination but I do believe that Obama can get his party’s. And we know that Obama/Clinton is not going to happen so I do believe that there might be a possibility that we could see something special here though unlikely.

  4. why do they have to agree on everything? Wouldn’t it be nice to have two views? How can we start a grassroots movement for Obama/Paul 08? I’m in.

  5. Balance.

    I’m sure great minds like Obama and Paul can convince the nation that their disagreements on secondary policies is beneficial; that they could keep one another in check with their contrasts.

    Much less risk of one or the other going power-hungry, see. Wouldn’t that be horrible for a country, eh? Ahem.

    By having a representative for both sides of an argument, better decisions for America can be made.

    And the demographics!

    Besides, as it’s been said, they share a primary goal.

  6. I think it would be great personally. I agree with them both on so many things. I think Obama could learn from Ron Paul aboutthe way things are done as well as Ron Paul could get inspiration from Obama. They seriously could work for a true change within both parties to maybe come together for the better of the American people instead of their distinct political parties.

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