Where are we going?

Big excerpt below… of this article.  I lean left, but consider myself a centrist like 70% of America does.  We have to get back to reasonable dialog in this country. When reasonable questions like “Where’s the WMD?” get ignored and “Where’s the birth certificate?” get weeks of news coverage. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG. Nevertheless, there’s …

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Really Facebook? Aside from the fact that apparently “2 of my  buddies from scottsdale think I am stupid” they use the <blink> tag to shout the IQ rank of my friends to me.. Hey facebook app developers.. please go play in traffic. Facebook is on the backside of awesome and is speeding 100mph towards suck …

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I want to be a banker

So Last month CitiBank attempted to bump the APR on my creditcard from  5.89% to 14.99%. I told them to jump in a lake, and they backed off. Except it basically terminates my account upon the expiration of the credit card. Today Chase bank tells me they are bumping my APR 3%.. If I decline, …

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What does community mean to you? That word is thrown around a lot in our industry, building communities and all that. I think sometimes it is used as an empty buzzword, and other times as an accurate description of a gathering of like minded people. The community, any community is made of disparate souls with …

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