Or healthcare, or stock options, or anything else listed in an employment contract.

At Pagely we are a distributed team spread all over the world, working different shifts in different timezones. They are some of the most passionate and dedicated people I know and I am fortunate to work with them.

As a business owner have you ever thought about what a conversation would look like between your employee and his/her best friend? Are they going to gush about how awesome their job is and how smart and talented their co-workers are? Are they going to share with their spouse that the CEO is a honest person, doing their best to build a company and making every effort to take care of customers and employees. Are they going to say the company they work for is grounded in integrity?

Now do the real mental exercise and ask yourself: What do your employees say about your company when in private among their family and friends?

How you conduct yourself as a CEO or manager, the words you choose and the tactics you employ in your marketing, how your company culture talks about the customers and the competition in private. All these things, these intangibles that are not listed on your offer sheets, are informing your employees on how they feel about the company and the people they work for.

Money makes the world go around, and rewarding employees financially is just the first step. Making it easy for them to tell other’s about the great place they work is a form of compensation that we at Pagely place a priority on.

Most people would be very uncomfortable saying:

My boss is a crook, and treats us like shit. Our support team is forced to upsell every ticket or lose their job, and the our marketing dept. are bunch of lying jerk off’s. But I need the job so I deal with it.

So don’t be that company.


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