You followed the directions measuring and adding the proper amount of water to your sauce pan. You gently stir for the prescribed amount of time waiting in anticipation of your pending meal. After a few minutes you begin to think maybe you ruined it as the sauce seems to be overly runny and won’t stick to your noodles.

You refer back to the recipe and there it is on the bottom, nearly hidden is the last step. “Remove from heat, let stand 1 minute. Sauce will thicken“.

Is it not the same in business?

Sometimes a strategy just needs a little time to simmer for the flavors to blend. We get impatient and wonder why it is not working as well or as soon as we thought it should. So we set it aside for a moment wondering if we should scrap it and change direction or tact. And then it happens, the sauce thickens and it all comes together and you look like a genius.

We are in our 6th year now as Pagely having recently celebrated our 5th birthday in September. It’s been a long road filled with highs and lows, missteps and wins.

These last few months, it has really come together for us in a big way. Our topline is on fire as we are on pace to double revenues within a 3 quarter time-frame. We are augmenting our support and engineering teams with new hires. PressNomics 3 was a smashing success by all accounts and the goodwill that flows from that will only accelerate our upward trajectory.

Bootstrapping is not easy and takes a heaping dose of luck. Just remember to let the sauce thicken a bit before tossing it out and starting over.

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