It was matter of principle for me, pride almost. was so simple and different I felt we did not need it.

Those other guys, those hacks.. they used it, but not me.

But alas.. I have done what I swore I would not do.

The users and new customers were asking the same questions over and over again

The business has grown and the offering has expanded to include more than 1 plan

I thought I could do it, I thought I could do it differently… extol the benefits of our service without resorting to it…

The cliche checkmarked table… ARGH.. I feel so defeated..

It has been done.. what ever shall I do.

3 thoughts on “I admit defeat: for now”

  1. Hi, to sell the -limited- licence, read it as = replicable project, with freedom of translations and adding more stuff in it , adding all the running esisting cntract ( so You’ll still benefit on that side too)can be an idea, why not?

    Something as : Up to 20 users (customers/sites) , up to 100 users, etc etc

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