I am not a religious person. I am not even necessarily what you could label “spiritual”. However I do believe we are here to do more than watch American Idol.

One thing that I believe is truth, is that the universe repays in kind. You get back 10x what you put in.

I have a mishmash of skills that I enjoy putting to use to help other people. I helped a friend get a job a couple months ago. I helped a beginning php programmer understand why extra whitespace after a closing ?> throws header errors this afternoon. I helped my father-in law pour a concrete foundation for a new shop in the spring. I helped raise 3699 lbs of food to feed hungry family’s over the summer. I talked a half dozen flower shops into giving me many dozens of flowers and vases so I could deliver them to a hospice home for old people 3 years ago. I helped a disabled person purchase a lite rail ticket because she could not read the screen from her wheel chair a few months back. I am now helping raise $ for breast cancer research.

I would like to think I am investing in my Karma 401k.

Sometimes people tell me I am wasting my time and should be doing other things “more productive”. Other times people are happy to take, and come back for more with their hand out and never think to return the favor.

Most of the time I have to remind myself it is not about what I get back in return.

It just makes me feel good to give of my time and energy when I can. That’s all.

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