Damn it is hot in Phoenix.


Kinda makes your brain mush after a while.

Not to be a drag but already this summer I saw a boating accident in Havasu that killed a guy, ripped the front spoiler off my car (again), and lost the worlds best dog to liver disease and old age (12).

Pete "The Dog" Strebel
Pete "The Dog" Strebel

But on the plus side a business legal matter was decided 100% in my favor, and work has been steady amidst this recession. I got a call from a local investor type that had an idea for a site to make and sell twitter stickers, so I built it. It’s kinda cool and was fairly painless to code in Code Igniter.

Twitter stickers
Twitter stickers

July-Sept is the inferno you must live with as trade for the awesome winters here. Maybe one of my startups with take off and I can buy a summer house in a cooler location.

Phoenix as a whole does slow down in the summer but there are still tons of stuff happening in the web/tech industry.

AZIMA held their first event which was a success (I am a board member)

Gangplank has schedule another Jr. Event. (I am an advisor..and office at gangplank)

GoDaddy is bringing Diggnation to town.. (Godaddy is a Gangplank supporter)

The 1 ton fooddrive is nearly complete, trying to make a 2000lbs donation to St. Mary’s. Need your cans.

and.. it’s still hot.

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