A few years ago we built a small business website solution based on wordpress called flare9.com. I am updating the brand and revamping the whole backend and will be re-launching the service as page.ly this summer. The service lets you create your own website, on your own domain name, with email service.

It is aimed at the startup/micro business that needs something professional looking, fast, without spending a ton of money.

It will also be available for white label soon after launch.. where resellers may set up their own site builder service.


3 thoughts on “page.ly site builder”

  1. francine hardaway

    Will it be easier to use than Weebly? I’ve been using Weebly for my City of Phoenix MTA clients who don’t have money.

  2. Funny, I was midnight surfing a few months ago when somehow I ran into flare9. I start reading the page (I didn’t know the ‘by who’ of Flare9). After a few seconds I get this ‘strebel’ vibe and I race to the bottom of the page…

    BAM, spidey sense was right, it is Strebel!!!

    I start laughing out loud…inadvertently waking up the wife, who now wants to know what’s so damned funny.

    I tell her.

    She doesn’t get it….which made the whole thing even funnier.

    page.ly will rock.

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