Took all of about 6 hours to fully integrate OpenId into using the widgets from RPXnow.

Did not have to change a single db field. Most of the time spent was writing controller code to correctly handle what happens when one of the current 9000+ users decides to start using an OpenId.  A bit of conditional logic, and new views.. away we go.

Big shouts to @marcusnelson from UserVoice for tunring me on to RPXnow, and big shouts to RPX for making it so dang easy.


2 thoughts on “OpenID is the hizzy and RPXnow makes it easy”

  1. Glad to hear about your easy deployment of JanRain’s RPX solution. I like your presentation of third party auths and look forward to having you realize the benfits of a simplified login experience for your users. Please let us know if you have any feedback (we have uservoice running on Thanks


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