So Startup Weekend Phoenix is this weekend at Gangplank HQ, and it promises to be a frenzy of startup energy.

Last night about 6pm I was going through some domains I own and an idea for what to do with some of them came to me. So about 11 hours later I launched Best Costume Ever, which is like a  CommandShift3 or Hot or Not, but in this case for Halloween Costumes and other cosplay type stuff (which I have zero interest in).

halloween costumes

Why? It is a strategy to build juice for our main property I own many dozen’s and many of them can be photo vs. sites like I just made.  If a few of them get some traction, it funnels people and juice back to bpe.

So after 11 hours coding I couldn’t sleep, and it was about time to wake up anyways.. so at 7:00am I went for a 45 minute jog, then shower.. now this blog post.  Sally will drive as we pick up @penguin from the airport on our way to gangplank to do what else: launch more startups.

UPDATE: Do you have the best mustache ever? Or are you ready for Mullet wars?

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