Source: WikipediaThe US government has seemingly been on mission to prove to the American people that it is inept, inefficient, and corrupt. Yet there is one or two great examples of the government working to the benefit of the populous.

Enter Public Broadcasting. PBS is a funded by grants of the US government and private viewers, and today I think they have earned their. Frontline has just done a 2 part series called Bush’s War, which is like disinfectant for the sickness that is the Bush presidency, and the false pretenses that took us into Iraq.

From the Frontline story:

Within hours of 9/11 Rumsfield dictates to his secretary that the US response should include a hit on Iraq/Saddam Hussein.

The evening of 9/11 Rumsfield drops a physical rock (stone) on the conference table to emphasize to make his case for including Iraq in any US response.

Watch it online, learn it.. and understand you, me, and the world have been lied too, again. What are we going to do about it?

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