So I picked up a few “tats” in college and latly I have had the hankering to get another one. Let’s review.

I have a blue flamed sun with a super nova (exploding star) in the center of it on my leg, pretty good size tribal and flamed out sun piece on my arm.. and lets not forget the tribal and flamed out sun With a image of me snowboarding in front of it on my back… wierd combo I know.




(Should have cropped out my love handle)

I think it is time for a new one.. and I think I will keep with the sun theme.

CALLING ALL ARTISTS.. Draw me up a sun themed tattoo.. And If I dig, I’ll get it.

I am thinking my left arm..

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  1. know of any other good resources for supernova tattoo designs, or galaxy tattoo designs? Any help is appreciated.

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