A few weeks ago I met Sean Tierney down in Tempe for a networking thing. Peter Burns from Grand Canyon University had sponsored a few Golf teams in an upcoming Golf Event. Peter was looking for people to fill the spots and asked for volunteers.

I have only been golfing once before, about 15 years ago. But I knew people that played. So I signed up a team for Obu.

So yesterday with the help of Andrew Bourne and Mark White of Waypoint Technologies, and John Tomlinson of Avimail.com, Our Team cruised to victory shooting 57 (Charity golf rules in effect). There were two other teams close, one at 58, and one at 59.

John was the workhorse and hit most of the great shots that put us in good position. Mark also hit some real good ones. Andrew sank a beautiful 35-40 foot put for an eagle on a par5. Alas I mostly hit condos and sidewalks with my drives… but chose to save the best for last and sank a 20 foot put on the final hole giving us the win.

So Golf is pretty cool, a hobby I may pick up some day… but right now, driving is where it at for me…

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