I am getting better about the fact people actully know me before they know me. It happens more often now. When I go to local business functions or similiar, people I have not met, know me. “Hi, Joshua Strebel, nice to meet you” and they say ” Yea, I know you from such-and-such”.

It is a nice thing. Nearly 4 years into running my own business and I still trip up on myself sometimes. I find it funny there is this person “Joshua Strebel” whom owns a business and people care about what he says. People trust him with large sums of money, and thier own business future. Younger professionals even ask for an interview.

I am that person, I am Josh.

1 thought on “Ego check”

  1. I remember when I first got an interview request, some odd 3+ years ago now. (for a site that was getting tons of buzz at the time, popdex.com)

    Isn’t it insanely flattering? 🙂

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