So Session 5 covered goal setting and asset protection.

When setting up long and short term goals, you have to claim in the now. “I now have $3000 in passive income on or before Feb 1st, 2006” This brings it into the now. If you state your goal in the future, your mind will take the path of least resistance and decide it does not need to focus on the goal, cuase it is out in the future. But by stating it as fact, in the NOW, your mind go to work making it so. Your sub-conscious will do whatever your conscious mind directs. So by giving clear instruction to your sub-c mind, that this goal has already happened, now, your sub-c goes to work to manifest it.

Andy Fuehl covers this in great detail in his book, Wealth Without A Job.

So we also covered asset protection. I wont go into great detail here, but there are ways (legal) to protect your real estate asset’s. Using land trusts and LLC’s you can “own nothing, and control everything” . Tell me that doesnt sound like fun. This protects your personal assets from any potential liability is a sue happy world.

The “theroy” stage of the 10 week coaching is tranisition more into the “doing” stage. I now own 2 addtional income properties on or before Feb 28th 2007. Did you notice the present tense of the goal. I OWN IT, The properties are already mine, the money is already in the bank, the deals have already been done. My sub-c and action on my part will ensure that it happens.

Go big or Go home.

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