Rate and compare flickr photos on pix.ly

November 4, 2008 — 3 Comments

Pix.ly Little side project I have been working on that allows you to pull in flickr photos by tag, photoset, group, or user and rate them in a vs. style head to head matchup.  The photo competition Winners and losers are logged so one can see what is the best user rated photo from any particular battle.  Hot photo vs photo action.  I would love your feedback and ideas on how to make it better.


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3 responses to Rate and compare flickr photos on pix.ly

  1. Nice work. I love that you can select custom tags.

    We’re doing something similar over at weplay which folks seem to like, http://www.weplay.com/wpom-youth-sports-contest. It seems to be driving quite a bit of traffic which is always nice.

  2. hey Joshua,

    I used these photo battles years ago with my graphic design students; they loved analyzing their classmates work and the competitive nature of this evaluation really improved the overall quality of everyone’s work.

    is this still available anywhere? i’d love to use it again. thanks!

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