Be dangerous

This came thru the GangPlank backchannel today.   We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to remind you that it’s okay to “Be Dangerous’. The warning signs of defending the status quo When confronted with a new idea, do you: Consider the cost of switching before you consider the benefits? Highlight the pain to a few …

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Product/Market fit

“But it takes time to reach product/market fit. Founders have to choose a market long before they have any idea whether they will reach product/market fit. In my opinion, the best predictor of whether a startup will achieve product/market fit is whether there is what David Lee calls “founder/market fit”. Founder/market fit means the founders have a …

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From this article in Vanity Fair With youth unemployment in America at around 20 percent (and in some locations, and among some socio-demographic groups, at twice that); with one out of six Americans desiring a full-time job not able to get one; with one out of seven Americans on food stamps (and about the same …

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Say what’s on your mind

Ever wish you could just say what is on your mind without consequence? They say be true to yourself, be who you are.. I am overly cocky and an intellectual snob for better and mostly worse. What if your business/startup really reflected you as as founder.’s Tag line might look something like this.  

Prove the model and others will follow #wordpress

Last April when we announced we were rebranding and relaunching the Managed WordPress hosting system we developed in 2006 as we did a survey of the market and found that while there were traditional hosting companies offering plans for WordPress users, no one else was offering the unique set of tools and security benefits we had …

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